Our signature is a premium international character cast consulting, digitally delivered, matching your requirements and taking them beyond – working fast, full of passion and dedication, and fluidly becoming an enriching part of your production team.

locates the ultimate character – no matter if actor, model, dancer, testimonial, influencer, people, or presenter – for your vision and your client’s briefing, bringing commercials, movies, music videos, print and digital to life. We understand the tonalities of international directors, photographers and producers, and implement their visions on a global level, scouting throughout Europe, the Eastern Bloc and the United States. We’re profoundly familiar with country specifics, budgeting as well as coordination options and the best way to get the character with whom and where you want to shoot. 

With production cycles getting shorter and faster and always having been focused on gathering the freshest talent, we based our work on an ultimate modern technical standard in order to implement the easiest and fastest handling of big data, supported by our custom-made database which enables us to process fastest and highly efficient execution. this allows directors to participate in the progress, regardless of their current location. We provide a highly international artistic tonality combined with a strong, and precise workflow. Our proposals are not only based on a worldwide agency network with over 6000 partnerns, but further more we are setting up top-targeted social media campaigns for our production-focused breakdowns in order to help find you the ideal talents. We speak german, english, russian and spanish.

Our CEO & award winning Casting Directress Karolina Matheis embodies this melting pot character in person, having been raised internationally. With 18 years in the indutry, she brings an abundance of experience to the table. Her quality work has brought her to fulfill the visions of iconic brands such as Mercedes, Nike, Adidas, Heinz and and directors worldwide. She embodies hybridity, having been raised internationally with stops in the Middle East, New York, Australia, and currently being located in Berlin. Starting out at Jive Records and“Rolling Stone” Magazine, bringing the Rolling Stone Road Show to life, she worked with artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Britney Spears and Coldplay. She has always shown a deep love for strong and talented characters, which lead the profession of casting directress to her. The extensive international market expertise as well as her strong intuition, both brought her global recognition. She is a member of there german Art Directors Club. Beyond that, she passes on her knowledge, as a lecturer at germanys leading Filmacademy: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.
Karolinas heart can be won over with a genuine encounter, 70s soul and oranges.